024 - How to have FIERCE conversations

"Conversations equal relationships and when you're more focused on niceness, it prevents honesty. I believe in order to have a good and productive conversations (and therefore relationships) , you need honesty." ~ Harriette Schumacher


Duration: 52:48

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In today's episode:
  • I bring on my guest Harriette Schumacher, an Executive & Leadership Coach to talk about how women can have more FIRECE conversations in the workforce in order to become better leaders.
  • Harriette helps women redefine what leadership means for them, so that they will thrive more in the workforce environment that was never designed for them to thrive.
  • We discuss how we live in a culture of 'niceness" and how this leads to inauthentic communications and relationships in the workforce, which can then also spill over to our personal lives.
  • So many are afraid of having conversations that may seem like it creates "conflict". Conflict doesn't have to be "bad". Harriette shares strategies on how we can have more open, honest and FIERCE conversations in the workforce and in our lives.
  • Let's build stronger relationships that honours our boundaries and help us to become better leaders. Women need to have more seats at the table and let's start by shattering the belief that we have to sacrifice our ideas and voice in order to be seen as "nice".
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