Dismantling systems that oppress your body and ALL bodies

When we heal ourselves, we can heal the world.

We absolutely have an impact on others. Whether it's our children, family, close friends and our community. They hear what we say. They see what we do. They participate in our conversations.

We can be a light and a model for discarding outdated and harmful ways of treating bodies.

When we stop participating in oppressive and unrealistic practices around beauty, health and or our bodies, we can break the cycle.

But we CANNOT STOP THERE. We can't love our bodies into dismantling systems that oppress bodies.

We need to heal ourselves AND end white supremacy. Fight for trans rights. Demand weight neutral health care. End body hierarchies in value and worth. Provide an inclusive environment for those with disabilities (visible or invisible). 

What actionable steps can you take to start to dismantle the systems that oppress bodies in yourself and/or in our society?

**No action is too small AND it can change over time.

Here are some...

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"Mommy, is it normal to not like parts of your body?"


I got the dreaded question that I knew would eventually come from my daughter...


No matter how much I modeled and taught her about radically accepting herself and her body, I knew that the misogynist, ableist and fatphobic conditioning around our bodies would seep its way into her young brain.

Last night we were reading a book about her changing body and what to expect. It was a great jumping off point to open up a safe space for her to ask questions and to have open and vulnerable talks with me.

She was looking through the book and I patiently waited to see what was going to come up for her. 

She looked at me with her big green eyes and I could hear the vulnerability in her voice as she asked, “Mommy, is it normal to not like parts of your body?”.


I was dreading and hoping she would never ask this question.

But at the same time I’m a realist and I know the world we live in. I work with clients every day who, after decades of hating...

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Easy ways to create an ethical & sustainable wardrobe

wardrobe tips Apr 21, 2022


For the past 2 years, I’ve changed my relationship with my consumption and wanting to align my wardrobe closer to my values.

I’m paying more attention to who makes my clothes and understanding that someone is paying a high price (harmful work conditions, low wages and harmful to our planet) for our ease of access to fast fashion.

I’m paying attention to how my clothes are made and the impact on our environment.

As a very privileged person, I feel like it's my responsibility (as well as fashion retailers and governments) to stop harming our planet and the slave labour of mostly brown and black people for the sake of capitalism and our ability to over consume.
Am I perfect at this? Absolutely not.

But small change is better than no change. Screw perfectionism or All or Nothing Thinking. There are small actionable steps we can make today to help bring less harm to our planet and to those who make our clothes.


I know it can be overwhelming, so I'm...

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Deciding what enters your wardrobe

wardrobe tips Apr 19, 2022

Let me set a common scene...


Maybe it's getting warmer outside and the sun is shining brighter. You feel like you're coming out of hibernation and are feeling rejuvenated.


You skip to your closet (well, you might not actually be skipping, but I'm just trying to set the scene) cause it's time to dig out your Spring and Summer wardrobe.


You open your closet doors full of hope and excitement...

But then your shoulders deflate and SIGH.


You realize that none of your the clothes from last season fit, their old and ratty or you're just plain bored with them. 


Can you relate to the picture below (no matter the size of your butt)?



Right now, you have two options on how to move forward:

1. Close your doors and ignore it. You can keep wearing the same clothes piled in your floor right? Hey, if this fully serves and supports you, then this a completely valid option. If this doesn't feel supportive, then move option #2....

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Intentional Consumption

shopping Nov 12, 2021

 One of the benefits to helping my clients achieve their wardrobe needs and goals is to help them slow down their consumption and waste. They buy less clothes that they don't wear, therefore reducing the amount of waste in the land fills and oceans (and also less waste of their time and money).

This has led me to more deeply look at sustainability, ethically sourcing and the reasons behind "why we buy".

Is there such thing as "ethical consumption"? Is that a thing? What about instead, we call it intentional consumption? Especially with Black Friday coming and the Holiday season on its way.

I thought I would share what intentional consumption means to me:

  1. Knowing whether something is a want/need. Both are valid, but I want to know when I buy, if it's really a need vs a want. Can I afford that “want”? How will this “want” positively impact myself or others? Do I have to make sacrifices in other areas in my life? I WANT tons of pretty things and...
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10x10 Style Challenge

outfit creation Oct 21, 2021

Have you ever participated in a style challenge before?

I've recently wrapped up a 10x10 challenge 

I have done several in the past and I've always learned something new about my wardrobe and created new outfits that I never would have tried before.

So what exactly is a 10x10 challenge?

 Trust me, I tried to explain it to my husband and it took in awhile to grasp it, so I have a guide that you can download that breaks it down further, but the short answer is...

 I choose 10 items of clothing that I can mix and match with each other and then I wear a different combination for 10 days.
Why a 10x10?
✅ To wear more of what I already own. I've slowed down my consumption since I got intentional in my wardrobe 4 years ago. One way to slow down consumption is to be purposeful in your buying and to wear more of what you own.
✅ Fun & Creativity. It might sound weird, but putting limitations on items in your wardrobe kick starts creativity. I...
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S2 Ep12: Disrupting Fast Fashion


Listen in new window HERE  Listen and Subscribe on Spotify / ITunes

Duration: 59:32

Fast vs slow fashion. Do you know the difference?
Fast fashion = a large amount of cheap poor quality clothing produced at a large rate, on the backs of black and brown folks, in order to keep us consuming and feeding our capitalist society.
Slow fashion = smaller amounts of clothing produced at a smaller rate. It respects human rights and better for the environment and is better quality so that it lasts longer and can be reused.
Today, I bring on Courtney Figler from The Kindness Closet to discuss fast and slow fashion and why we, as a society should start to embrace slower, more sustainable fashion.
Courtney is a Social Worker by day and a vintage and preloved clothing slinger by night. Courtney has been intrigued by and involved in political and activist circles for 10+ years, with a particular interest in...
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S2 E11: Setting Boundaries

"If you can't communicate your boundary, than how is anyone else going to know how to respect what you want/need or keep the space you want? Sometimes you even need to set boundaries for yourself. The best way to practice respecting boundaries is by respecting your own. It's a practice" ~ Amanda 


 Listen in new window HERE  Listen and Subscribe on Spotify / ITunes

Duration: 1:12 

On this episode, I bring on my good friend and past guest, Lisa to discuss the need for us to set our own boundaries and the complexities that come from it.
We share how we recognize and visualize our own boundaries.
We dive into how boundaries can be malleable and how it's good to think about why and how that allows you to let people in…
We talk about how when it comes to boundaries setting, we are only responsible for ourselves and not about how others feel about our boundaries.
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S2 E10: Is the medical system failing women?

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Duration: 39 min

As a woman, have you ever been dismissed by a doctor on your pain, medical concerns or symptoms?
I have heard numerous stories of women being dismissed or brushed off on their medical concerns. Some have been even refused to be physically examined or to do any further testing.
In today's episode, I bring on Jennifer Fougere to share her story and the long lasting repercussion of neglectful and unfair treatment/ dismissal by an OB. 
Jennifer got news of abnormalities and a hard mass during an exam. They ended up being fibroids though she didn’t learn much besides that she had them and that they grow in the uterus… every few months she ago to the office to essentially watch them grow but her doctor never laid out a treatment plan…
This prevented her from getting pregnant at the young age of 29-33...
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S2 E9: Navigating body changes in your wardrobe

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Duration: 43 min

In this episode, I bring on my co-founder of The Real Diet Story Project, Roni Davis. It's an audio recording of an Instagram Live Roni and I did on our Real Diet Story Projects Instagram page (that we co-founded together). The Real Diet story's mission is to dismantle diet culture and its long term harmful affects in our society, by sharing REAL stories.
On today's episode, we are focusing on navigating our body changes - in our wardrobe.

Maybe your body has changed coming out of the pandemic...

Maybe you avoid dressing rooms or your closet like the plague...

Maybe the clothes you want to wear no longer fit...

Maybe clothes in general triggers shame, guilt or frustration...

Then this episode is for you.

In this episode, I share 5 ways to prepare yourself when trying on clothes for a more positive and gentler experience.


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